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About Emma

“Emma, who — how can I put this? — runs her steely-fingered voice across the notes in a way that must have caught Janis’ attention in the afterlife” – Benjamin Stevens of The Vocal Company

Emma Mayes, hails from Boulder, Colorado though she calls Denver her home. Like many artists, Emma was born to perform. Her voice soars above the stage through the audience and straight to the hearts of all within ear shot. Through life’s changes of loss and self-doubt, Emma found her voice and songwriting skills that captivate audiences all over the state with a sound that’s best described as soul/R&B with tinges of hip-hop grooves.

With a story to tell, Mayes hails Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone, Janis Joplin and more as her influences.

“It’s important to tell my story because it is someone else’s story too. No matter what my lyrics may specifically mean to me, they relate to someone else in a completely different way. The versatility of writing lyrics allows my story to bend in ways I would have never imagined. It’s truly healing,” Mayes says.

Emma Mayes; The Maven. A singer/songwriter, Emma is what happens when charisma and poise meet bad ass.

Not only through her versatility as a songwriter, Emma Mayes allows herself to grow with each moment on stage. Whether expressing her true rockstar side or a more coy display, each note has purpose and soul perception.

A self-proclaimed “weirdo,” Mayes is honest, passionate, creative and driven by all aspects of life. This perspective is perfectly captured in song with Emma’s style, grace and open heart at the lead.

She has shared the stage with acts such as Asher Roth, Brother Ali, Todd Rundgren, Grammy award winning A Cappella group, The Swingle Singers, Hazel Miller, Air Dubai, and more. Her singing has been presented not only on stages across Colorado, but also around the world.


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